One word as a arrow for public facilities in Takada! 高田の公共施設に一矢一言

Yesterday, I had an outlook on Rikuzentakata for the first time in a year. The city destroyed by the tsunami has been filled with 10m, and over the past year or two, there are many large facilities that are clean, homogeneous, and not suitable for Takada. Highways, multi-purpose aqua facilities, cultural halls, disaster prevention parks seem to be made only for the convenience of outsiders. In the mayoral election during this period, the current job seems to have won by just 5 votes, but this is evidence that more citizens criticize the policy! This does not mean that Takada has been restored! I wanted you to make a local Takada. It is better not to give your hands to the outside, even if you give wisdom and money. That was a bad example! The debt to maintain is likely to increase! Who pays?

Takada is a rustic town, and I have the image of Spanish Ronda that I traveled in the past. The city should have been built on a hill where tsunamis never come.
I think Ronda was about 300m above sea level. Probably not on a 10m embankment. Otsunami is encountered once every 30 years, not once every 1000 years that scholars say.
And the landform of Hirota Bay that attacked Takada is the landform that makes the tsunami run up. Everyone! Think more about Hirota Bay!