Yamabokojunko! 祇園祭、山鉾巡行「動く美術館」

These names are ‘ Yamahoko’.
Today is ‘Yamahokojunko’. 
‘Junko ‘is around the Main Street of Kyoto to cruise.
It is big festival in Kyoto Japan .

After the transition to Kyoto in 794, in the 860s, several generations passed, a major infectious disease, the explosion of the Mt. Fuji (864) and the Great Tohoku Tsunami (869) led to a crisis. In order to save people from great calamities or to pray, since 970, it is a major festival that has been held every year except the rebellion (1467-77) and the Second World War (1941-45).
There is probably no other festival that lasts more than 1000 years worldwide. This long-lasting festival is deeply related to the Emperor. Emperor Heomu and Emperor Imagami who were transferred to Heian are connected in a world class, and this emperor system is also the oldest in the world. Under the emperor, people from all over the country, especially Kyoto, wished for peace and well-being of the town, and 66 mountains of the country were traveling.
The height of this moat is 25m, about the same as eight floors. The decoration of the mountain ridge is both elaborately elaborated, and is called the "moving museum."
Although July 17 is a tour, about 300,000 people from the world come now, seeing Mt.